Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement
Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement



Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement


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Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement

The Legislative Commission on Pensions and Retirement (sometimes referred to as the "Pension Commission") is a bi-partisan joint commission that considers pension and retirement-related legislation. A significant portion of this legislation addresses pension and retirement benefits for public employees across the State of Minnesota. Because the terms and conditions for benefits under public pension plans are set forth in statute, legislation is required to make changes to these benefits, adopt contribution increases, or enact measures to maintain the financial soundness of the plans. The Pension Commission also investigates retirement topics not necessarily tied to proposed legislation, including pension system reforms, alternatives to defined benefit plans, and trends in the private sector for providing retirement benefits.

At the request of a legislator, the Pension Commission's staff will draft legislation, prepare background information, and provide policy and legal analyses of proposed legislation. When considering a bill, the Pension Commission takes testimony, engages in deliberations, and sends along its recommendation for action by the committee(s) of record. Bills are heard by the Commission in advance of consideration by the House or Senate committee.

Operation and Composition of the Commission

The Pension Commission was established as a permanent commission in 1967 under Minnesota Statutes, Section 3.85. Today, it consists of seven members of the House and seven members of the Senate, all of whom are appointed or re-appointed at the commencement of each biennium. A chair, vice-chair, and secretary are elected by the Commission members at the commencement of each biennium. The officer positions alternate between House and Senate members each biennium. The Commission typically meets weekly during the legislative session and may meet during the interim between sessions. Meeting agendas are determined by the chair.

Functions of the Commission

The Pension Commission:

  • Considers proposed legislation and recommends whether the legislation, along with any approved amendments, should proceed to the next step in the legislative process;
  • Provides legislative oversight of the approximately 700 pension and defined contribution plans covering public employees of the state, counties, cities and other governmental subdivisions, including volunteer firefighter relief associations;
  • Reviews the annual actuarial valuations and periodic experience studies of the statewide and major local public pension plans;
  • Assesses the sufficiency of current public pension plan funding and makes recommendations regarding adjustments to assumptions, contributions, funding, or benefits; and
  • Studies and takes testimony on a wide range of pension and retirement-related topics, including developments nationally and under federal law that may impact public and private sector employees and retirees in the state.

Commission Staff

The Pension Commission's full-time non-partisan staff coordinates and assists with the meetings and other business of the Pension Commission. Staff drafts legislation and amendments at the request of legislators and serves as subject-matter experts to the legislature on public and private sector retirement issues. The Pension Commission relies on its staff for background information and policy and legal analysis regarding each bill the Commission considers.

Pension Commission staff maintain this website (www.lcpr.leg.mn) and a repository of information and documents related to public pension plans and select retirement topics.

Contact Us

To request or discuss legislation and for answers to questions regarding the Pension Commission, pension and retirement plans for public employees, and retirement topics in general, contact the Commission at:

Location:    Room 55 State Office Building     
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.   
St. Paul, MN 55155

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Phone: 651-296-2750
Fax: 651-297-3697
Members:Commission member contact information
Staff: Susan Lenczewski,
Executive Director
Rachel Barth,
Deputy Director
Lisa Diesslin,
Commission Assistant
susan.lenczewski@lcpr.leg.mn    rachel.barth@lcpr.leg.mn    lisa.diesslin@lcpr.leg.mn


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