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Minnesota Legislature
Pending Pension/Retirement Bills

2019 Session Pension/Retirement Bills

Listed in descending House File order with recent intros appearing first (Senate bills with no House companion are last). Last updated: 4/04/2019

House File Senate File Plan Description
HF2775-Youakim SF2713-Latz TRA, MnState IRAP TRA coverage for MnState employee not offered an election (heard as amendment H2632-9A).    4/2/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF2714-Lesch SFxxxx MSRS Adding an additional member to the MSRS Board of Directors.       --        --    --
HF2683-Murphy, by request SFxxxx MnState Eliminating the sunset on early retirement incentive, administrative provisions.    4/2/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF2671-Nelson SF243-Frentz MnState IRAP Employer contribution rate increase.    3/26/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF2668-Mekeland SFxxxx TRA/IRAP St. Cloud State University employee authorized to elect TRA coverage and receive retroactive coverage.       --        --    --
HF2633-Murphy, by request SF2584-Rosen PERA PRO PERA phased retirement program; eliminate sunset and annual renewal requirement; making clarifying changes.    3/19/2019     Memo Passed
HF2632-Murphy, by request SF2583-Rosen MSRS As introduced: MSRS 2019 administrative bill.    3/19/2019     Memo Passed
HF2632-Murphy, SF2583-Rosen 2019 Omnibus Retirement Bill.    4/2/2019     Omnibus Amended, Laid over
HF2631-Nelson SF2621-Senjem Major plans Local govt. supplemental plan restriction exemption for union building trades personnel.    3/26/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF2630-Pryor SF368-Cwodzinski TRA Service credit purchase for period of US State/Treasury Dept. service; St. Cloud State University employee (heard as amendment H2632-8A).    4/2/2019        --    Laid Over
HF2598-Freiberg SF2490-Jasinski PERA-P&F Revising the Minneapolis municipal contribution related to the former Mpls. fire and police relief associations.    3/19/2019     Memo Passed
HF2583-Drazkowski SF2463-Goggin Police & Fire Modify the formula for the distribution of supplemental state aid.       --        --    --
HF2512-Long SF2515-Dziedzic PERA, MERF Revising the state contribution to PERA related to the former MERF Division (see HF2087, State Govt. Finance bill).    3/26/2019     Memo Passed
HF2489-Murphy, by request SFxxxx MnState IRAP Employee contribution rate increase.    3/26/2019     Passed as Amended
HF2387-Murphy, by request SF2488-Rosen PERA-General Extending the 1997 state aid to local governments to fund increased employer contributions to PERA.    3/26/2019     Memo Passed
HF2373-Murphy, by request SF2491-Rosen VFRAs State Auditor's 2019 Volunteer Fire Relief Association Work Group bill.    3/19/2019     Memo Passed
HF2329-Long SF2276-Pappas SBI Mandating a report on impact of climate change on fossil fuel investments currently held by the SBI.    3/19/2019     Memo Laid Over
HF2310-Sundin SF2366-Rarick PERA-SVF Plan modified, termination of plan participation and coverage allowed, benefit distribution directed.    3/19/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF2294-Long SF2277-Pappas SBI Fossil Fuel Divestment Act. Requiring divestment from certain investments relating to fossil fuels.    3/19/2019     Memo Laid Over
HF2169-Marquart SF2555-Chamberlain P&F; related interest Dept. of Revenue Policy & Technical Bill. See Art. 9-12 for recodification of fire & police state aid provisions.       --        --    --
HF2087-Nelson SF2726-Kiffmeyer PERA MERF State Government Finance bill (see Art. 2, Sec. 6-7 for MERF aid & employer supplemental contribution provisions).       --        --    --
HF1993-Huot SF2254-Lang related interest Establishing a tax credit for volunteer firefighters and EMTs.       --        --    --
HF1974-Nelson SF2533-Carlson related interest Budget-related technical corrections bill; non-substantive changes to chapters 43A, 352, 353, 354.       --        --    --
HF1782-Youakim SF2264-Cwodzinski related interest Hometown heroes assistance program for firefighters with critical illness.       --        --    --
HF1738-Koznick SF2022-Pratt LCPR; police LCPR study requirement; adequacy of current benefits available to disabled or injured police officers.       --        --    --
HF1280-Becker-Finn SF668-Bigham related interest Authorizing the creation of fire protection special taxing districts; authorizing property tax levies and issuance of bonds.       --        --    --
HF1103-Vogel SFxxxx Various Annual stress testing required for plans with assets over $1B MVA; appropriation.       --        --    --
HF1065-Lesch SF1290-Latz Various Revisor's technical corrections bill; contains retirement statute corrections.       --        --    --
HF866-Loeffler SF151-Dziedzic related interest Providing a subtraction for income from certain public pension plans.       --        --    --
HF865-Loeffler SF147-Dziedzic related interest Providing a phased-in subtraction for income from certain public pension plans.       --        --    --
HF789-Carlson, L. SF2327-Rest related interest Authorizing Robbinsdale school district to transfer money from postemployment benefits irrevocable trust to general fund.       --        --    --
HF756-Cantrell SF1161-Clausen related interest Authorizing municipalities to enter into a fire protection district.       --        --    --
HF755-Sundin SF1593-Rarick related interest Establishing a fire protection district for the cities of Cromwell and Wright.       --        --    --
HF549-Dettmer SF1444-Anderson, B. PERA plans Military service credit purchase provisions (heard as amendment H2632-4A).    4/2/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF483-Poppe SF570-Sparks VFRAs, Austin Extending the alternative allocation of fire state aid for the city of Austin.    3/12/2019     Memo Passed as Amended
HF472-Nelson SF636-Pappas Secure Choice Establishing the Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Program.       --        --    --
HF416-Poppe SF569-Sparks Related interest Fire State Aid penalty forgiveness for the City of Austin.       --        --    --
HF142-Lesch SF274-Lang related interest County employees mobilized in the United States military reserve component pay differential requirement.       --        --    --
HF33-Poston SF156-Ruud related interest Service cooperatives included in governmental units definition for joint powers purposes.       --        --    --
HFxxxx SF2760-Anderson Plymouth Alternative allocation of fire state aid for the City of Plymouth.       --        --    --
HFxxxx SF2513-Klein PERA-Corr Local government service correctional plan coverage for probation officers.       --        --    --
HFxxxx SF1187-Little related interest Individual income tax volunteer firefighter pension benefits subtraction.       --        --    --